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Welcome to Uma Jeunesse

Uma Jeunesse is a new generation crosslinked hyaluronic acid based dermal filler implant which has been manufactured using an advanced technology.

Outstanding Performance

Uma Jeunesse Face After Application
  • Versatile Can be used for all areas of the face
  • Cost-Effective Enormous lifting power with minimal usage
  • High Safety Profile No toxins, tissue-friendly
    minimal swelling & no skin test needed
  • Patient Comfort Painless injection with lidocaine products
Uma Jeunesse Products

Gentler & Lasts Longer

Uma Jeunesse has excellent lifting power and only small amounts are needed to achieve the desired correction. Initial experience shows that volume needed is much less than other products.

The Secret

DXN Technology is a new method of molecular engineering that while crosslinking hyaluronic acid also creates bridges with the matrix and thus imparts ECM (extracellular matrix) like complexity to the gel.

Adaptation Viscosity

The unique quality of the implant is its adapation viscosity. Molecules are linked in a three-dimensional elastic structure, uniform in size and shape and mimic natural extra cellular matrix. The molecules behave like springs coiling and uncoiling as needed in tissues.